SILVA 55-6400 6400/3600


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Probably the most resourceful compass in the world for artillery; target acquisition and command posts. The 55 is a unique compass featuring both an optical precision sighting system and a SILVA 1-2-3 SYSTEM Compass in the same unit, giving unbeatable precision and versatility in the field.

Bearings can be taken with accuracy to within half a degree. The compass has a luminous graduation ring and markings for compass reading in the dark. Once activated by daylight/flashlight it will give light up to 4 hours of light. 6400 mils on the graduation ring and 6400 mils + 360 degrees on the sighting scale.

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Article number37586
Accuracy± 0,5° (8.9 mils)
Altitude use5000m @-15 °C
Declination adjustmentNo
Graduation6400° / 360°
Illumination4 hours after activation in light
Impact resistance30g in XYZ directions and free fall from 1.5 m height into gravel
Magnifying lensYes
Patented red/black N/S lines in capsuleYes
Resolution degrees / milsOuter ring: – / 50 Precision sighting scale: 1 / 20
ScalesBaseplate: 1:25k, 1:40k, 1:50k, mm, inch
Settling time from 90° angle to complete rest6 sec
Settling time from 90° angle within ± 3°4 sec
Sighting SystemPrismatic precision
Silicon friction feetYes
Size126 x 60 x 16 mm
Temperature operating range-30 to +60 C
Type of compassBaseplate, Lensatic precision sighting compass, Silva 1-2-3 System Mirror sighting compass
UTM position plotting scales (Romer scales)1:25k, 1:40k, 1:50k
VariantMagnetic Equator, Magnetic North, Magnetic South
Water resistanceWaterproof

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