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power magic pro

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 Electric power controller . This optional addition should be considered if the BlackVue is going to be operated when a vehicle is turned off and the BlackVue Drive Recorder is still going to operate from the vehicle battery. The Power Magic Pro is a device that automatically cuts the power to the BlackVue Drive Recorder according to the configured voltage – the power is cut if the voltage drops below the configured value, or the configured timer – the power is cut if the configured time has elapsed, to prevent the battery of the vehicle being discharged. This product can be self installed but we would recommend that it is fitted by a professional auto electrician

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Electric power controller
• preventing car battery drain 
• power controller for all BlackVue Cameras  
• 12V and 24V Application
• Low Voltage cut-off mode : 11.6V/11.8V(12V) or 22.2V/22.8V(24V)
• Timer setting :  6hr to infinity
• Semi-Permanent Fuse Usage
• Cigar Jack Connection socket

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